Innovation Pod

The pedagogy and practices within Innovation Pod are built upon two of the most important areas of learning: growth mindset and metacognition.  Growth mindset being the personal attributes that a child needs to persevere at a task and metacognition being their skills to reflect on and evaluate their success. 

The programmes were designed by Education Consultant, Matthew Pereira, who coaches teachers and school leaders in the fields of metacognition and growth mindset.  Matthew found that schools highly valued these areas of education but were often stretched too thinly to effectively implement them.

Matthew saw the extra-curricular times of the day as the perfect opportunity for children to harness these skills and to learn how to challenge themselves in way that would impact all of their academic pursuits.  He, therefore, took some of the less-emphasised areas of the national curriculum (such as design technology, citizenship, computing and spoken English) and has produced a series of cutting-edge programmes that, not only give children relevant skills for their future, but also develop the mindset to help them overcome any obstacle they encounter along the way.

Shot of a math teacher explaining the to