Young Entrepreneurs

Overview and curriculum links

Our Young Entrepreneurs programmes have strong links to the national curriculums for English, business studies, design technology and citizenship.  The pupils collaborate in a range of projects, taking on a variety of roles which helps them to develop leadership and team skills.  Importantly, the children begin to develop an understanding of the commercial world around them and the various marketing and advertising strategies which they are exposed to daily.

Example programme


In our key stage 1 curricula, pupils will be given specific items which they have to market and sell.  The children will have their own business roles and tasks such as logo designer, reporter, advertiser and sales executive.  They will work on the same project and will learn to give each other constructive feedback along the way.  As the final product comes together, they will see how a big project is made up of different individuals’ work.


In key stage 2, there is a greater expectation for children to create their own roles in their businesses by reflecting on the skills and strengths of members within  their groups. The pupils will also have opportunities to create their own products that they then try to gain investment for.  Pupils learn about branding and create themes that run through all of their marketing and sales material.