Technology & Engineering

Overview and curriculum links

Our Technology and Engineering programmes are multidisciplinary courses with curriculum links to design technology, mathematics, science, computing and art.  The pupils evaluate engineering achievements and use their own innovative designs to build a variety of products for the improvement of their society. They are encouraged to think about the needs of others and how they can become responsible and caring citizens. 

Example programme


Many of our key stage 1 Technology and Engineering curricula centre around movement.  The pupils learn how natural elements such as air and water can affect movement and how these elements can be manipulated with human design.  We organise collaborative activities where the children experiment with pullies and motors and build a range of products including boats, kites, parachutes, cars, cranes and aeroplanes. 


As the children progress in their understanding of engineering, we bring their focus to construction and electrics.  The pupils evaluate famous and innovative designs within the world around them and use these as a platform to innovate new designs.  Our group tasks include building kinetic and electric vehicles which can travel across bridges and through tunnels that the children have built themselves.

The children also learn to work scientifically by using their acquired knowledge to  hypothesize and experiment.  They test their designs and evaluate their achievement by creating their own criteria for success.