Problems Solving

Overview and curriculum links

Our Problem Solving programmes support the national curriculum for mathematics by giving the children the necessary skills to tackle the SATs reasoning papers.  We show the pupils a variety of approaches to solving problems, develop their reasoning skills and encourage them to apply mathematical language to explain their work.  As they progress in their understanding, we show them how they can apply their problem solving skills to non-mathematical situations such as making choices and solving dilemmas. 

Example programme


The children collaborate in mixed-ability groups to solve day-to-day problems.  These can include planning clubs, organising competitions, running a shop and designing learning spaces.  In each task, they will have to solve a variety of arithmetic and conceptual maths problems by applying a methodological approach.


In key stage 2, pupils continue to apply a variety of approaches to increasingly complex problems.  They learn how mathematics and reasoning form an important part of science, technology and engineering.