Overview and curriculum links

With clear links to the national curriculum for computing, our Coding course gives pupils the skills to manipulate and programme information technology for whatever purpose they choose.  The pupils are taught to communicate in computational languages so that they can become creative users of technology.


Example programmes


In our key stage 1 programmes, children learn how to input algorithms in order to create specific outputs and how to debug unsuccessful sequences.  They also learn how to sort through information and organise digital content.  We use a range of award-winning applications such as Lego, Lightbot and Codea to teach key computational concepts which include: looping, variables, sequencing and conditionals.


In our key stage 2 curriculum, children learn computational languages in order to write their own programmes.  We encourage the children to collaborate in project-based activities which provide them with a platform to be creative in their computing.  At this stage, children typically create games, apps and digital art and learn how to programme robotics.

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